Jeanuine will cease activity on September 30th. We want to thank our customers and everyone who loved our jeans.
We will miss you!
We will not accept orders anymore starting October 1st 2019.


The original idea of Jeanuine was born from a combination of passion and opportunities the three founders sought. Sebastien Gilbert and Julien Tripet, two French men established in the Philippines for a few years, were aficionados of various jean brands and had the chance to meet an “artisan designer” who specializes in creating customized jeans. Excited by the concept, they invited their friends to try out the product. As expected, the jeans were a hit, and all agreed that personalized jeans had more sentimental value than ready-to-wear products. Sebastien and Julien were then persuaded that the concept could be improved by partnering with an interactive technology that would permit the visualization of the creations.

They then met the third founder of the brand, Mickael Villardo. His family was working in the denim industry and was a supplier for established international brands. In the 1990s, his family business survived the move of many brands to China (where labor costs were cheaper) because of their expertise in manufacturing premium quality products. Together, the three founders developed an alternative system of production that combined the flexibility of an artist’s studio with the modern utilities of the industry.

Jeanuine worked on creating its web technologies and set up the “Jean Maker” application, a unique visualization tool in the denim world. Jeanuine embodies the vision of its founders, which is to offer quality products for people who want to express their creativity. Owning a unique piece that you have created yourself is a special experience, which perfectly illustrates the Jeanuine mission: Give pleasure.