Jeanuine will cease activity on September 30th. We want to thank our customers and everyone who loved our jeans.
We will miss you!
We will not accept orders anymore starting October 1st 2019.

Privacy Policy
Privacy policy for the use of the Jeanuine website
1. Your information
The sharing of personal data is necessary for Jeanuine to satisfy and complete orders made on the website by its members. Jeanuine agrees to use this data only when necessary, and to act in accordance with legal terms and conditions. Personal information will not be shared to third parties.

The data relating to the payment orders on the website is not managed by Jeanuine but by its online payment solutions provider, PayPal. Jeanuine does not access or conserve any data related to the bank accounts of its members.
2. Right to access, modify or delete data
You can contact Jeanuine at any time and request for the information held about you. You can also modify certain fields of your personal information directly on your account under the tab "Personal information".

You may request for the deletion of your account and your personal information at any time by sending an email to Jeanuine’s customer service team by clicking on the "Contact" tab available on all pages of the website.
3. Jeanuine E-mails
Jeanuine members are subject to receive promotional offers from Jeanuine by e-mail. If a member wishes to unsubscribe from these newsletters, simply click on the “unsubscribe” link available at the bottom of all the promotional emails.
4. Cookies
Cookies are text files, sent by the web server to your browser then stocked in your computer when you visit a website. The creation of cookies allows us to facilitate access to our offers and simplify your purchases.

A cookie does not allow us to identify you. Nevertheless, it registers information related to the navigation of your computer on our website (the pages that you have visited, the date and time of the visit, etc…) that we can read during your next visits.You can always configure your browser so that our cookies will not be registered on your hard disk. Using the toolbar found on most browsers you can stop your browser from accepting new cookies, manage your browser so that it will alert you of new cookies and manage cookies which are already in your computer.